Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tall Boots and Short Skirts

How windy does it have to be to make a girls bangs go nutty? Not very windy at all.

I ended up having to put on these knee-highs (which aren't quite knee high) to keep my feet from swimming around in these boots (also not quite knee high.) I've been trying to find over the knee boots for the last three months but they never quite go over my knee. I have faith it will happen for me soon...

Brown suede not-so-knee-high boots, Aldo. Leather trim denim skirt, Gap. Leather woven belt and brass earrings, vintage. Brown cardigan, Lulu's. Plaid shirt and feather necklace, Wet Seal. Black tights and knee-high socks, Target.

And yea! for for being TOTALLY AWESOME. They featured my Boyfriend Jeans post photo this morning and totally made my day!!! Thanks you guys!!!


  1. Hi Janet! Thanks for your lovely comment! Your boots are just fantastic, i love them!!! It's great that we can read each other, keep in touch!


  2. Just starting following your blog, found you through weardrobe - congrats on the feauture! This is a casual outfit perfected...plaid is of the moment, but everything else is classic. Love it.

  3. wow! Janet looking great and your boots awesome..! i found something new for you its DC shoes uk. check this out its gonna suite on you..

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