Friday, October 30, 2009


Still going strong with my plan to wear everything in my closet; this shiny peach monstrosity of a blouse was another impulse buy at a thrift store. I thought it was going to look Dynasty chic but it turned out to look just dy-NASTY. The ruffles around the neck and the flutter sleeve were a little out of control and way too reminiscent of Prince (or the artist formally known as? I don't even know...) I tried to tame it with a scarf and jean jacket but both the collar and cuffs kept busting out of there. I don't think this top with survive my closet downsizing.

I also wanted to thank Weardrobe again for featuring another post of mine on their site. Check it out if you guys haven't already!

Out of control peach ruffle top, vintage. Denim jacket, vintage Old Navy. Scarf and ring, Forever 21. Black leather woven belt, vintage courtesy of Mom. Black stovepipe jeans, True Religion. Black leather ankle boots, Aldo. Turquoise and gold chandelier earrings, Ralph Lauren. Gold aviator sunglasses, Ray-Ban.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recycle, Reduce, Re-use.

Because of budget constraints, I am on a no-new-clothes-stint, forcing myself to wear everything in my closet starting with pieces that I've never worn. It can be fun to reincarnate and recycle pieces that you loved in the past, trying to make them current and fresh. This aquamarine flower cut-out top is a vintage piece I picked up during the summer but never got around to wearing until now. I think it might have been an old lady's beach cover-up in its past life (I swear it kind of smells like coconut and Virginia Slims.) Although on second thought, it does more exposing than covering up, hence the white cami underneath, so maybe not...

I also recycled these super light wash jeans, which I bought seven years ago and only wore them a few times. I had my mom help me rip the seams from the knees down and take in the flare to turn them into semi-skinny jeans. She thought it was too much work, and one calf is a little tighter than the other, but all-in-all I think it was worth it. The belt is a re-use vintage find too! Looks like I'm off to a good start.

Last, but definitely not least, Chicisimo-one of my favorite sites for street style-has featured my Miami Vice blazer outfit as one of the "Best Outfits of the Week" so if you haven't already voted, DO IT!!!

Aquamarine flower cut-out top and camel leather woven belt, vintage. Super light wash jeans, 7 For All Mankind. Strappy leather heels, Dolce Vita. Coral hoops and gemstone ring, Forever 21.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tall Boots and Short Skirts

How windy does it have to be to make a girls bangs go nutty? Not very windy at all.

I ended up having to put on these knee-highs (which aren't quite knee high) to keep my feet from swimming around in these boots (also not quite knee high.) I've been trying to find over the knee boots for the last three months but they never quite go over my knee. I have faith it will happen for me soon...

Brown suede not-so-knee-high boots, Aldo. Leather trim denim skirt, Gap. Leather woven belt and brass earrings, vintage. Brown cardigan, Lulu's. Plaid shirt and feather necklace, Wet Seal. Black tights and knee-high socks, Target.

And yea! for for being TOTALLY AWESOME. They featured my Boyfriend Jeans post photo this morning and totally made my day!!! Thanks you guys!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks Weardrobe!!!

Unless you're a blogging rookie like me, I'm sure you've all heard about which is a cool site for real girls to post everything worth blogging about in their weardrobe. I just got started with them today and I am super excited to announce that they featured me today! Check out the post and the rest of their site here. Yea!!!

Boyfriend Jeans

Originally I bought these Diesel jeans for my bf but unfortunately they didn't fit him. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good pair of jeans, I tried them on and to my surprise they just happened to fit! Totally not planned, I swear. And then I noticed his watch totally worked with my shoes, one thing led to another and half of my outfit that day was his stuff. I don't know who his stylist is but she has great taste...

Boyfriend jeans, vintage Diesel. Black vest w/ties, Forever 21. Navy blue silk top, vintage. Metal and rope tribal belt, Urban Outfitters. Black leather open-toe booties, BCBG. Black leather watch, courtesy of bf, Guess. Clutch Clutch, vintage. Black leaf-skeleton earrings, Claire's.

On a different note, I was featured again on one of my favorite sites, Chicisimo. So check out the feature here and vote!!!

Reno 9-1-1

I spent all last weekend walking my ass off all over downtown Reno, Nevada. Although I was thrilled that I found these Aldo boots I bought, then lost in my closet three years ago, my feet were not. It was fun to be in a big city again (the littlest big city to be precise) and I wish I had time to get more photos taken. This is kind of a simple outfit, not terribly interesting, but they are generally the posts that get the most response, so here it is.

Light wash denim jacket, vintage Old Navy. Floral chiffon top w/neck tie, Lulu's. Random black tank, Styles. Amazing black stretchy pants, Vintage. Black leather boots w/ties, Aldo. Chain bracelet and black ring, Forever 21.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Black and White and Leaves All Over

Cardigan, skinny jeans and serpent bracelet, Lulu's. Pleated jersey top and rings, Forever 21. Button-up booties, Seychelles. Pearl/chain/bow necklace, vintage.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colonel Blondie: Chief Creek Explorer

I once had this feminist professor who assigned the class to read the book Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives, by Cynthia Enloe. To be honest, it was your basic feminist rant, but the part that was particularly interesting and really made me think was the part about fashion (go figure.) She basically said that it was militarization that caused people to be enamored with military inspired fashion. The list of examples was endless; anything khaki, cargo, camouflage, combat boots, pea coats, nautical/sailor or other military uniform inspired clothing, colors like 'army green' or 'navy blue.' Hello! Trench coats? Show me a major designer that hasn't put out a trench coat in the last ten years. There was a plethora of examples to support her theory (for more on that go here.)

It was years ago that I read that book but I still think about that idea when I see military inspired fashions on the runways almost every season. I know you guys saw that Balmain jacket from spring 09 that everyone was wearing... Well, this jacket and boots make me think about Enloe's theory on military inspired fashion. Although, I think I've actually gotten more pirate references regarding the boots...

Military blazer, H&M. Sheer black tee, Target. Hot pink bra, Victoria's Secret. Black stovepipe 'Julia' jeans, True Religion. Black leather riding boots, Nine West. Aviator Sunglasses, Club Monaco. Silver earrings and ring, gift from Mom.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunny Highway

Jer and I were headed down to the Bay Area when I made him pull over on the side of the highway to take some photos of the sunset and these sweet vintage boots I just picked up. My mom said I looked a little like a hooker--yep, that's what she said--but that's probably just because I happen to be wearing high-heeled boots, and a mini-skirt, and I'm standing on the side of the highway. Okay, maybe she has a point...

Chiffon embroidered gray top, Lulu's. Black mini-skirt, Forever 21. Slouchy gray leather boots, vintage. Light pink peacock feather earrings (they kind of blend in with my skin so they're hard to see...), and silver bracelet, Forever 21. Smoky topaz ring, family heirloom.

Thanks Chicisimo!!!

One of my outfits was featured on this SUPER cool website Chicisimo, which is an awesome forum for girls to exchange street-style ideas. By all means, check it out, snoop around, and VOTE! So thank you Chicisimo for the October 19th shout-out, I seriously love you guys! You can check out the original blog post here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fade Me, Fade Fade Me

Andre Nickatina and bloggin' baby. I found this boyfriend tee at Target a couple of weeks ago but I didn't want to pay $8 for it so I put it back. Then yesterday when I saw that of these shirts only this color was on sale for $5.60, I knew it was a sign from the shop-gods that it was meant to be. And this wouldn't be a truly amazing bargain-shopping story if I didn't mention that this skin tight zipper-back skirt was $7.80, FULL PRICE. Only problem is it's constantly in a state of potential wardrobe-malfunction status. In fact, I am indeed confirming that I could see right up my skirt in that second pic. And the third. Scando... Boy shorts are in the works.

Green boyfriend tee, Mossimo. Black zipper-back mini-skirt, Forever 21. Black leather ankle boots, Aldo. Green glass earrings, vintage. Locket necklace and
giraffe hinge bracelet, Lulu's. Multi-tiered gold necklace, Forever 21. Brass abstract ring (closeup featured in Romping in Romper post), Kenneth Cole.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Miami Vice

Who knew it was so windy in Miami? I was channeling a little Don Johnson with the scrunched up sleeves on this blazer, but instead of fighting crime I ended up fighting the wind to keep my bangs in check. That's the problem with bangs, they're always acting up on me... (So, I know the Miami Vice reference has been made thousand times when styling blazers with scrunched/rolled up sleeves, but lets go ahead and kick a dead horse because I know at one point you were thinking that too.) I've been diligently trying to mix some color into my daily wardrobe--I have literally put down 20 different gray or black items in stores in the last week--but all I could come up with this day was colorful beaded necklaces and a couple rings. Baby steps, right?

Black blazer, necklaces, and gold and white ring, Forever 21. Turquoise ring, Styles. Black scoop neck tank top, Lulu's. Gray skinny jeans, Citizens of Humanity. Black leather t-strap heels, Simply Vera, by Vera Wang. Ruby stud earrings, gift from Mom:).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Suburban Safari

These slouchy trousers have been hanging on my closet door ever since I got them back from the tailor a week ago (I bought them a size too big because they were on sale for $11 at New York & Co and I just couldn't pass them up) but I couldn't figure out what to wear them with. This is what I came up with. Jer said I looked like I was going on a Safari and I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Safari inspiration was all over the Fall 09 runways (I especially liked how Ralph Lauren paired slouchy tapered trousers with tweed and velvet; Ralph knows what he's doing...) and this is my take on that motif. It's a work in progress. What do you guys think? Now what I really need to update the whole look is a pair of lace up boots...

Slouchy ankle trousers, New York & Co. Black tank top, Styles. Black vest w/ties, Forever 21. Black leather belt, horn necklace, and smoky topaz ring, all vintage courtesy of my mom:). Black leather t-strap, open-toe heels, Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Sunglasses, Target (my first pair of cheepies!!!)

Birds of a Feather

Apparently accessories flock together too. Feathers are another theme I've got going on in the accessory department and I felt like going a little overboard this day. I have yet to find an outfit in which peacock feathers do not work. With the weather finally starting to cool down I get to break out the boots and scarves again; and let's face it, scarves with tank tops is a little ridiculous--fun, but ridiculous nonetheless. My mom bought me these motorcycle boots from Kenneth Cole Reaction about six years ago and like the stretch pants pictured here (yes, I'm wearing them AGAIN) I probably wear them at least three times a week during the winter.

Taupe short sleeved cardigan, Gap. Layered white t-shirts, Walmart. Gray and white feather scarf, H&M. Black stretch pants, vintage. Brown motorcycle boots, Kenneth Cole Reaction. Peacock earrings, Lulu's. Sterling silver feather cuff, gift from Mom:).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fairest Find of Them All...

Let me tell you about these amazing pants. They are cut like skinny jeans and look like denim, but made out of the softest cotton jersey, basically like tailored sweatpants. But sweatpants, they are not. Being black and skinny-cut, they can be paired with anything. They are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever owned and the least expensive. I found them at a thrift store for $2.75 and literally wore them for the next three days. Actually, the only reason I reluctantly took them off was that Jer was getting pretty grossed out. He said something to the effect of, "they will probably crawl over to the laundry basket themselves..." I now try to only wear them a couple times a week.

Olive green blouse, Forever 21. Amazing black stretch pants, vintage. Black ankle boots w/buckles, Steve Madden. Locket necklace, H&M. Gold chain earrings, Kenneth Cole. Abstract gold ring (also featured in September's Romping in Romper post), Kenneth Cole. Click on pictures for larger images.

White Pant Pantomime

What better way to ring in the new fall season than with the eradication of the antiquated idea that white pants past Labor Day is some kind of fashion faux pas. Yes, people still think this is true... But I guess it's lucky for me that people around here still believe that because at the end of the summer season these J Brand jeans were on sale for $29 and I couldn't have been happier. The belt pictured here is the vintage belt I mentioned in the "Skirting the Issue" post. It looks like it has been hand made by braiding thin strands of metal and the ends have been sautered together for a very unfinished look. It fits in well with the industrial vibe I've got going on with my accessories recently. Very cool find.

I thought the serpent ring pictured here was particularly fitting as former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has her pin collection, aptly named "Brooching It Diplomatically" displayed at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Albright would be the first to tell you, accessories aren't just fun, they convey meaning. After Saddam Hussein's government called her a serpent, she wore a beautiful gold snake brooch on her lapel during her next meeting with the dictator. How awesome is that? The exhibition features 200 of her favorite pins she wore during her diplomacy work. And when the curators said she wouldn't get her pins back for two years while the exhibition traveled, she took that as the perfect excuse to buy more pins. A woman after my own heart.

Metallic top w/puff paint details, vintage. White destroyed denim pants, J Brand. Black open-toe booties, BCBG. Woven metal belt, vintage. Black fedora, Forever 21. Green serpent ring, found in potato salad section at Rayley's. Thanks Jer...