Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fairest Find of Them All...

Let me tell you about these amazing pants. They are cut like skinny jeans and look like denim, but made out of the softest cotton jersey, basically like tailored sweatpants. But sweatpants, they are not. Being black and skinny-cut, they can be paired with anything. They are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever owned and the least expensive. I found them at a thrift store for $2.75 and literally wore them for the next three days. Actually, the only reason I reluctantly took them off was that Jer was getting pretty grossed out. He said something to the effect of, "they will probably crawl over to the laundry basket themselves..." I now try to only wear them a couple times a week.

Olive green blouse, Forever 21. Amazing black stretch pants, vintage. Black ankle boots w/buckles, Steve Madden. Locket necklace, H&M. Gold chain earrings, Kenneth Cole. Abstract gold ring (also featured in September's Romping in Romper post), Kenneth Cole. Click on pictures for larger images.

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  1. Those pants sound (and look) seriously awesome!