Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweatpants It Is

Gray sweatpants, Norma Kamali for Walmart. White jersey top and necklace, Forever 21. Tuxedo jacket, Express. Silk clutch w/gold accent, vintage. Black leather open-toe boots, BCBG. Gold abstract ring, Kenneth Cole.

My sweatpant trousers finally came in the mail and I couldn't be happier. I know people say Walmart is the anti-Christ but how could that be so when they made such sublimely cozy pants and they arrived just in time for the post-Thanksgiving Day bloat? If sweatpant trousers are good enough for Hanna MacGibbon to wear at her Fall '09 show for Chloe, well, they are certainly good enough for me to spend $15. of my food budget on them. Indeed, Satan does take many forms...

I was able to coax my dad away from the pumpkin pie long enough to take these pictures over at our local college. Isn't it amazing what a professional photographer wielding a really good camera can do in just a few minutes? I'm so lucky to have such a talented photographer and artist for a father. With enough encouragement and gentle prodding he may eventually start his own blog to showcase some of his work; until then these photos will have to do.

And the lurker in the background of the second to last photo is just Jer, firmly affixed to his iPhone, checking hockey scores. Of course.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Sparkle

Black blazer, Forever 21. Black tee, Target. Gunmetal sequined mini-skirt, Pink Rose. Black tights, DKNY. Black leather boots w/ties, Aldo. Navajo beaded earrings, Wet Seal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My dad wanted me to add that one of these days I promise to do something with color. But until then, here's a little black to brighten the holidays.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Grain of Salt

Purple scarf and coral earrings, necklace, Forever 21. Black t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts, Wet Seal. Leather snap belt, Gap. Tights, DKNY. Cognac suede boots, Urban Outfitters. Brown cardigan, Lulu's. Sunglasses, Club Monaco.

I'm finally back home after a week of traveling between Sacramento and the Bay Area. While I was there I was able to spend some quality time with some of my good girlfriends that I grew up with and it always gets me thinking that I need to move back to the Bay Area sooner rather than later. The night was replete with intense discussions about models who kill themselves, members of the axis and allies, the difference between cold sores and herpes, and the advantages of wearing sweatpants in public. It wouldn't have been a true girls-night without a little salting of each other--yes, Jen literally salts people at random and says, "Get out of here slug!" It actually got to the point where her boyfriend had to take the salt shaker away from her.

I don't know how it happened but I was able to drag Jer away from his fantasy hockey league to go do a little shoe reconnaissance mission at the mall and take a couple pictures while we were there. All I'm going to say is that I may just have to forgo my hatred of faux leather for the time being...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

At the Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Black boyfriend blazer and metal accessories, Forever 21. Gray pleated silk top, TJ Maxx. Dark wash jeans, Rock and Republic. Black leather open-toe t-strap heels, Simply Vera, by Vera Wang.
I'm not really at the Holiday Inn, I just thought I'd stick with the rap-lyrics-as-blog-title thing I've been doing.

There's so many cool places to take pictures here at the hotel but I'm having a hard time dragging Jer away to explore because of his schedule while we're here. I managed to catch him on a 15 minute break to take these pics. Kind of a boring outfit, and not to make excuses but totally forgot to pack all the little accessories like belts, rings, scarves, ect. Oh well, I may just have to go mall exploring instead...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sac Town, the Bay Area and Back Down

Marching band jacket, Target. Satin trim taupe tunic and earrings, Forever 21. Black tights, DKNY. Black leather oxford heels, Ellen Tracy. Taupe leather purse, Michael Kors.

Jer and I are staying at this swanky hotel right on the Sacramento River because he has to attend some conference and I was able to steal him away for a moment to take some pictures on the river. Not only is it windy, but cold too. Looks like I'll be snuggling up in bed with my new Bazaar. Which reminds me, who here is terribly disappointed to see lame-ass Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the cover? What happened to the days of Carmen Kass and Kate Moss? I cannot stand to see celebrities on the covers of fashion magazines. Especially emo teen idols. (Jer would like me to add, "They're so emo their hair cuts itself." Sorry guys, I rolled my eyes too.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's A White Blazer Folks

White blazer, Theory.  Linen sequined and embroidered tank, Forever 21.  Brown cardigan and sunglasses, Target.  Light wash jeans, 7 For All Mankind.  Booties, Seychelles. Earrings, Styles.

I'm kinda proud to say that I got this white Theory blazer when I was in high school (that was almost ten years ago) and it's STILL dope!  I had to sew on new buttons because somehow over the years I lost one of the buttons, found it, kept the button on my vanity for a couple more years, lost the jacket, re-lost the button, then found the jacket, but the button was long gone by then.  Oh the drama...

Jer and I will be traveling to Sacramento/Bay Area this entire week so posting will be sporadic at best.  I'm using my dad's laptop right now and I'm hoping to convince him to let me borrow it for the trip.  We shall see...  I packed some goodies though so I hope I'll be able to do my usual Monday through Friday outfit posts for this week.

I would also like to thank the ladies over at Weardrobe and Chicisimo (<--go here, vote, poke around...) for featuring me again on their sites; it's always such a pleasant surprise to see myself featured over there!  Thank you!

And you know I have to end this post by mentioning my most recent acquisition.  Brace yourself...sweatpant trousers!  I think I'm not the only one out there who is dying to wear sweatpants in public, but loathes the "white-trash" reference that is usually accompanied with doing so.  Now that designers are making them in chic trouser shapes, those with a fashion conscience might just do it.  I know I will.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Matchy Matchy

Coral shirt-dress, Target. Screen-print cotton scarf, Forever 21. Denim jacket, Old Navy. Leather clutch, vintage. Leggings, Styles. Oxford heels, Ellen Tracy. Sunglasses, Club Monaco. Turquoise rings and earrings, gifts from Mom from Old Town San Diego and random art fairs.

When I don't know what to wear I always end up in something matchy-matchy. Clearly that's what happened yesterday. I blame it on a combination of massive amounts of dirty laundry and lack of jackets. And shoes. And accessories.

On a more exciting note, Jer and I are going camping tonight and I thought it would be fun to do a post on what we wore while camping, so we'll see how that works out. I better get to packing...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Photographer is Back!

Black leopard-lined tuxedo jacket, Express. White snake boyfriend tee, RVCA. Dark wash skinny jeans, Rock and Republic. Black leather snap belt, Gap. Black jersey scarf, H&M. Turquoise ring, Old Town San Diego. Black leather boots w/ties, Aldo. Red beaded wire earrings and leather messenger bag, vintage.

It is so much easier to get outfit pics when there is someone there to make sure you are actually in the photograph and you don't have to schlep around a tripod that won't collapse--it's stuck in the extended position and I can't for the life of me get it to collapse. Jer thinks he'll be spending his five days off from work watching hockey, playing NHL 09 on his X Box, and monitoring his Fantasy Hockey League, but I've got other plans for him...

I managed to drag him to Old Navy yesterday to check out the 50% off all outerwear "Item of the Week" thing they have going on right now, and I was a little disappointed to say the least. Our Old Navy up here doesn't carry half of the styles that are available in bigger cities. Sigh... But I did see a sweet little lacy bib-front tank that would look splendid beneath the bling-buttoned cardigans they have in every color imaginable.

In other shopping news, I've narrowed down my shoe search and was pleasantly surprised to find that good ol' Aldo had quite a few open toe strappy numbers that might just work out. I'd like to thank everyone who gave suggestions on where to find some of the shoes I'd mentioned in previous posts, I checked every single one of them out. Morgan, you were spot on! I'll be in San Fransisco next week, hopefully stomping around in a pair of something fantastic.

Lastly, does anyone remember that clothing catalogue Delia's? You know, the one you probably got in the mail when you were 12? I somehow got on their mailing list again 10+ years later and I found those mustard yellow skinny jeans I was looking for! You can order them in over 20 different sizes and four different lengths (which is AMAZING for those of us 5'10" and up), not to mention the 15 different colors! Also, they come in denim and corduroy. What? Jackpot! I'm totally getting in on this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Flower print chiffon top, feather earrings, and black ring, Forever 21. Cardigan and scarf, H &M. Woven leather belt and amazing stretch pants, vintage. Black leather boots w/buckles, Steve Madden. Sunglasses, Target.

Walking around the park with Jer and Taco. We stopped to take some pictures at the top of this hill. Rolling golden hills and California Oak trees. I've been taking pictures of this tree for years now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black Boots Red Nail Polish

Black nylon bomber, metal leaf necklace, and green wire ring, Forever 21. Green glass earrings, vintage. Black cardigan with black pearl buttons, Esprit. Feather skirt and random black tee, TJ Maxx. Green bangles, Styles. Black tights, Calvin Klein. Knee-highs, Nordstrom. Black riding boots, Nine West.

There must be something counter productive in wearing knee-highs to cover up because it had the effect of making the whole look more risque had I just worn tights. That and people were giving me weird looks at the grocery store, but that totally could have been because I was having a major static electricity problem with this skirt. Who knows...

Moving on, the black cardigan that I've layered under this bomber jacket is from way back in my freshman year of high school. My mom wouldn't let me go to the Homecoming dance wearing a spaghetti strap XOXO number by itself so she bought me this cardigan to cover my shoulders. I only rediscovered it a couple weeks ago when I was cleaning out my old closet at my parents house. I also found a silk snake skin print slip dress and a leather jacket that I'm pretty excited about.

Also, I'd like to thank Chicisimo and Weardrobe for featuring me again. I actually didn't know about it until people stopped by here and commented that they found me via Chicisimo and Weardrobe, so thank you to all the folks over there!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gray Clouds Gray Boots

Betcha' can't tell which way the wind is blowing. This is my new favorite spot to take pictures. Usually there aren't very many people walking around so I don't feel like such a jack-ass taking pictures of myself, but that was not the case this time. It seemed like everybody and their mothers were out walking their dogs this day. There were landmines everywhere. I must have stepped in one without knowing because when I got home my little dog, Taco was particularly interested in my boots, which is strange because he's more of an open-toe slingback kind of dog...

Gray leather boots, vintage. Gray skinny jeans, Citizens of Humanity. Black nylon bomber jacket, silver necklace, black snake skin belt, and solid black ring, Forever 21. Silk short-sleeve crop top, vintage. Silver beaded thread earrings, Express circa 2000. Black and silver ring, vintage.