Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colonel Blondie: Chief Creek Explorer

I once had this feminist professor who assigned the class to read the book Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives, by Cynthia Enloe. To be honest, it was your basic feminist rant, but the part that was particularly interesting and really made me think was the part about fashion (go figure.) She basically said that it was militarization that caused people to be enamored with military inspired fashion. The list of examples was endless; anything khaki, cargo, camouflage, combat boots, pea coats, nautical/sailor or other military uniform inspired clothing, colors like 'army green' or 'navy blue.' Hello! Trench coats? Show me a major designer that hasn't put out a trench coat in the last ten years. There was a plethora of examples to support her theory (for more on that go here.)

It was years ago that I read that book but I still think about that idea when I see military inspired fashions on the runways almost every season. I know you guys saw that Balmain jacket from spring 09 that everyone was wearing... Well, this jacket and boots make me think about Enloe's theory on military inspired fashion. Although, I think I've actually gotten more pirate references regarding the boots...

Military blazer, H&M. Sheer black tee, Target. Hot pink bra, Victoria's Secret. Black stovepipe 'Julia' jeans, True Religion. Black leather riding boots, Nine West. Aviator Sunglasses, Club Monaco. Silver earrings and ring, gift from Mom.

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  1. I so love this look! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I also love the feminist theory info, I've been reading about it a lot lately so its fun to see other's take on it. Blonde bloggers unite! :)
    Love from Lauren at