Monday, November 2, 2009


A good friend of mine told me last week that she had this boyfriend button-up shirt but she didn't know how to wear the shirt or what to pair it with. She went on to tell me that she actually Googled the words "how to wear a boyfriend shirt" and landed on some lovely girl's blog. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit offended that she (who knows I have a blog dedicated to fashion) didn't call me for advice or at least refer to my blog. After I got done slapping her around for treason, we did eventually come up with an outfit that suited her needs without stepping too far out of her comfort zone. I took it a step further pairing the boyfriend shirt with a blazer and oxford heels. Keeping the shirt barely tucked in and the sleeves of the blazer casually scrunched up prevents the look from being to stiff, while the pointy toe and three inch heel on the oxfords keep the menswear look from being too androgynous.

So for future reference ALLI, this is one way to rock the boyfriend shirt.

Black blazer, boyfriend shirt, and multi-tiered chain necklace, Forever 21. Dark skinny jeans, Hudson. Seat belt chain mesh belt, Express (circa 2000.) White tank, Styles. Metal pin bracelet and earrings, I have no clue where I got them, I've had them since I was 14 and STILL love them. Black leather oxford heels, Ellen Tracy. Nail polish, Hot For Chocolate, Revlon.


  1. love the look darling
    simple, casual, chic

    check out my blog @

  2. haha! Slap fest was needed :)

    You created a very classic look in a very unique way... the shoes! The shoes are a great choice for this ensemble.

    We are from Cali too (SF!).... where abouts are you? Lovely blog... :)