Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feather and Black Leather

I'm noticing a pattern with regards to what I buy. I cannot stay away from feathers and black leather. I read somewhere that black leather was on its way out and my heart sank a little. On its way out? Not in my closet, thank you very much! (Picture me snapping my fingers side to side as I say that.) As for feathers, I've been picking up feathers since I was a wee child so that has more to do with a general fascination with feathers than fashion. It was a day full of disappointment; the lighting and weather was just not cooperating with me as evidenced in these photos. Who's idea was it to be 80 degrees in November???

Peacock feather w/turquoise necklace, Lulu's. Violet jersey tank and black plastic ring, Forever 21. Black cardigan, vintage. Gray wool shorts, Express. Black tights, Nordstrom. Black leather boots w/buckles, Steve Madden. Gold and coral earrings, vintage. Black leather drawstring purse, BCBG.

1 comment:

  1. love the tights with the shorts. Super cute!