Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Photographer is Back!

Black leopard-lined tuxedo jacket, Express. White snake boyfriend tee, RVCA. Dark wash skinny jeans, Rock and Republic. Black leather snap belt, Gap. Black jersey scarf, H&M. Turquoise ring, Old Town San Diego. Black leather boots w/ties, Aldo. Red beaded wire earrings and leather messenger bag, vintage.

It is so much easier to get outfit pics when there is someone there to make sure you are actually in the photograph and you don't have to schlep around a tripod that won't collapse--it's stuck in the extended position and I can't for the life of me get it to collapse. Jer thinks he'll be spending his five days off from work watching hockey, playing NHL 09 on his X Box, and monitoring his Fantasy Hockey League, but I've got other plans for him...

I managed to drag him to Old Navy yesterday to check out the 50% off all outerwear "Item of the Week" thing they have going on right now, and I was a little disappointed to say the least. Our Old Navy up here doesn't carry half of the styles that are available in bigger cities. Sigh... But I did see a sweet little lacy bib-front tank that would look splendid beneath the bling-buttoned cardigans they have in every color imaginable.

In other shopping news, I've narrowed down my shoe search and was pleasantly surprised to find that good ol' Aldo had quite a few open toe strappy numbers that might just work out. I'd like to thank everyone who gave suggestions on where to find some of the shoes I'd mentioned in previous posts, I checked every single one of them out. Morgan, you were spot on! I'll be in San Fransisco next week, hopefully stomping around in a pair of something fantastic.

Lastly, does anyone remember that clothing catalogue Delia's? You know, the one you probably got in the mail when you were 12? I somehow got on their mailing list again 10+ years later and I found those mustard yellow skinny jeans I was looking for! You can order them in over 20 different sizes and four different lengths (which is AMAZING for those of us 5'10" and up), not to mention the 15 different colors! Also, they come in denim and corduroy. What? Jackpot! I'm totally getting in on this.


  1. Cute outfit! I LOVE those boots of yours!!


  2. Love this look, great style. Love the vintage feel of the bag.

  3. Haha! Thanks for following me/finding me around the web! I so appreciate it! :)

    and especially now because I can read your blog!

  4. The details in this outfit are great, especially the leapord lined jacket and bows on the back of your boots!

  5. I love everything about this outfit! I saw your profile on!

  6. Hey Janet! I came across your blog via weardrobe and i have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your outfits. i love your style!


  7. Dude, I love that bag. And I'm glad you found a source for your freakin' mustard pants. Though, dare I say, long pants are easier to come by than pants for normal people :) I seriously have to hem every single pair.

  8. The word verification for my last comment was holla :)

  9. Great look! Love the blazer!

  10. Dude I totally love the leopard print sleaves so cute. Oh Delia's how I remember the Roxy shorts and Delia's tank tops in every color. Oh memories!!