Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweatpants It Is

Gray sweatpants, Norma Kamali for Walmart. White jersey top and necklace, Forever 21. Tuxedo jacket, Express. Silk clutch w/gold accent, vintage. Black leather open-toe boots, BCBG. Gold abstract ring, Kenneth Cole.

My sweatpant trousers finally came in the mail and I couldn't be happier. I know people say Walmart is the anti-Christ but how could that be so when they made such sublimely cozy pants and they arrived just in time for the post-Thanksgiving Day bloat? If sweatpant trousers are good enough for Hanna MacGibbon to wear at her Fall '09 show for Chloe, well, they are certainly good enough for me to spend $15. of my food budget on them. Indeed, Satan does take many forms...

I was able to coax my dad away from the pumpkin pie long enough to take these pictures over at our local college. Isn't it amazing what a professional photographer wielding a really good camera can do in just a few minutes? I'm so lucky to have such a talented photographer and artist for a father. With enough encouragement and gentle prodding he may eventually start his own blog to showcase some of his work; until then these photos will have to do.

And the lurker in the background of the second to last photo is just Jer, firmly affixed to his iPhone, checking hockey scores. Of course.


  1. OMG! If anyone can make sweatpants look stylish it is you...this outfit is gorgeous! I love how you added the blazer and those peep toe booties. Wow, amazing!


    thanks for sharing darling
    love it as always

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  3. I got to say they totally look professional, compared to others. You most def look like an Elite Model J!!!

  4. I just got some grey sweatpants too :) I love this look.
    Lauren via

  5. I love the look super neat and chic

  6. instant crush on your style!
    just one word to sum your overall look: chic.
    gorgeous pictures too. so in the right moments!

  7. love your pants!!!
    my blog

  8. Janet,
    I featured you on my blog in this outfit check it out at

    Let me know what you think? Love the outfit.

  9. you just made sweatpants a must have haha!
    so chic i can barely believe theyre sweatpants.

  10. I saw that article in Lucky, I think it was lucky, and I love the look. Need.