Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Less Wisdom. I'm Hoping...

Winter white knit cardigan, Kimchi & Blue. Leather woven belt and black tunic, thrifted. Gray skinny jeans, Citizens of Humanity. Black leather ankle boots, Aldo. Beaded earrings, Forever 21. Smoky topaz ring and brass necklace, gifts from Mom.

Back from getting those pesky wisdom teeth taken out. Just barely though. Day one- making incoherent small talk with the after-care nurses. Day three- I didn't think I was going to make it. Day six- no amount of pain could keep me from getting a manicure, courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. And I'm BACK!

About that manicure; I brought my own polish, Rimmel in Steel Grey. It looks more like a mushroom color to me and I'm loving it. I was actually really surprised that I found such a cool color at the drugstore. It usually takes years-literally-to get good colors up here in no man's land.

Oh, and some of the photos were taken pre-mani, in case anyone was wondering why I only have nail polish on in some of the pics.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!! See ya!


  1. I hope you weren't offended by my masculine comment! It's just when I think of your outfit posts they're usually jeans, some killer boots and something blazer-ish on top. I guess I'm sexist and think of pants as something belonging to the boys.

    Glad you're feeling better after the dentistry!

  2. Sorry about the wisdom teeth pain! When I had mine out, I apparently said a lot of things I don't recall, haha... and I slept for about 48 hours straight. But I think I was generally lucky and didn't have a lot of pain. Kudos to you for looking cute after surgery. :)


  3. agh i have mine taken out when i was 14. not pleasant at all from what i recall.
    great outfit. love your top + shoes.