Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blue Tuesday

Blue silk blouse and rings, Forever 21. Black leather skirt, vintage. Black tights, Nordstrom. Open toe ankle boots, BCBG. Art deco silver pendant, feather cuff, and interlocking circle bracelet, gifts from Mom. Locket necklace, Lulu's.

I'm having serious trouble with my camera remote again... I've been using the self timer function on my camera which makes for a long and unproductive photo session. That look on my face is genuine irritation, not faux boredom.

Enough of the griping though...

Let's talk about the color of this shirt. Amazing, right? And the fact that it's 100% silk? Double amazing. And the fact that I got it on sale for $16? That's the holy trinity of an amazing blouse my friends.

On a different note, I'll be getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow so it looks like I'll be taking another mini hiatus from blogging, but I'll be back. Oh, I'll be back alright...


  1. The blouse is very pretty - much more feminine that what you usually post. And you pull it off just as well as the tougher look. Hope everything goes smoothly with your wisdom teeth, I know they cause a lot of pain if not taken out but surgery is never fun, either.

  2. Oh my, such a beautiful color on you! What a steal! Glad to see you posting again, good luck with your wisdom teeth...it really isn't so bad. Just get lots of rest and take care of yourself.


  3. such a bold, pretty blue.
    and your jewelry collection is freaking amazing!

  4. PERFECT! Wear the leather skirt more often... if fits your style to a tee! My wife needs to dig her leather skirts out of the back of the closet for a similar "classy" but "sexy" look this fall.