Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain Delay

Black leather purse,vintage Liz Claiborne. Denim jacket, Old Navy. Green boyfriend tee and black pointy flats, Target. Amazing black stretch pants, vintage. Peacock earrings, Lulu's. Necklace and rings, Forever 21. Sunglasses, Club Monaco.

It's so hard to take pictures when it is pouring rain outside, something I think my fellow west coast bloggers can totally relate to this past week.

So here are a couple of photos from last week that I never posted. I was rushing off to work (hence the flats) but I made sure to drag Jer outside in his pj's to snap a few photos before I left.

I came across this purse in a huge bin in the back warehouse of the thrift store and I had to have it. I haven't changed purses since.


  1. this look is soooo casual ;]]]]


  2. Ugh, it's been raining non-stop over here on the East Coast, too. The purse is a great find, so classic and practical!

  3. I really love your earrings and bag! I hatee trying to get pictures when it's raining outside!

  4. I really like that bag. Your cute pengi Christmas card came today, btw :)

  5. I got my card and I love the bag too!!! Hey Jen!

  6. totally gorgeous
    love it darling
    fabulous blog as always, keep it up
    thanks for sharing


  7. Cute casual look, and I like your bag. Great find! Just found you from Chicisimo.. love when I find other bloggers from CA. Are you in LA?

    xo, Becs

  8. Great bag- looks like it's the perfect size! Love the pop of color that the green lends!