Monday, September 28, 2009

Skirting the Issue

Lunch downtown with Jer. It was just a coincidence that the bakery we ate at happened to be across the street from one of my favorite local thrift stores. The sandwich from the bakery was pretty good; the vintage belt I scored across the street was even better. Click on pictures for larger image.

Chiffon bib top, Mossimo. Black zipper-back skirt, Pink Rose. Black open-toe ankle boots, BCBG. Mushroom purse, Michael Kors. Victorian locket, Lulu's. Sunglasses, Club Monaco.


  1. Just a coincidence? BTW I came on to see if you'd updated, and you had three (!) new posts. NICE! You look cute too.

  2. J,
    You are way to FABooosh for Chico!!!